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Worldwide Delivery

Fast      Reliable       Safe

How do we deliver your order

Will my product be safe?

The most important things is to build a long lasting relationship with our customer, we understand that purchasing goods online can be daunting for anyone. But we can ensure that your product will be in your hand ready to be make a lots of good use for you. Each order will be jam pack with a bubble wrap to prevent movement and absorb impact without adding unnecessary weigh to the package.

Green Juices

Capture the Beauty

Who is the courier?

We do believe in professionalism, thus we adhere to a worldwide standard to provide you with the product you deserve without any interruption. You could choose your carrier of choice, or let us choose the best one available, depending on your style.

Our carrier of choice :

Web capture_11-6-2022_0545_.jpeg

What is the rate of the shipping?

Our method of calculating your shipping cost  is base on the final overall weight of the order real amount happen 

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